Raz Simone - Street Lights

  • Artist: Raz Simone
  • Track: Street Lights
  • Producer: Rex Kudo, Edon & Raz Simone
  • Album: Cognitive Dissonance: Part 2

Last week, Raz Simone announced that he would be releasing the remainder of his second Cognitive Dissonance LP as a series of weekly singles. Given the stunning 4.8-star rating you awarded Let It Go, I don't need to tell y'all how excited you should be for episode two (or three, if you count the “pilot,” Cheap Money). A reprieve from its predecessor's grit and tension, the freshly-released Street Lights finds Raz returning from a long day on the hustle to spend some quality time with his girl. Rex Kudo and Edon team up with the headliner to craft the record's smooth, soulful backdrop. Feeling it? Then be sure to tune in next week for another thrilling chapter in the Cognitive Dissonance: Part 2 saga.