Redman - Pacific to Atlantic (Remix)

  • Artist: Redman
  • Track: Pacific to Atlantic (Remix)
  • Producer: DJ Quik
  • Album: Muddy Waters 2: The Preload

Redman may hail from the eastern side of the map, but he's got mad love for the entire U.S. of A., from the Pacific to the Atlantic. To demonstrate his affinity for the West, Reggie's unleashed a brand new remix of Pacific Coast, a joint off DJ Quik's 2005 Trauma LP. Over the veteran beatmaker's “Funky Worm” synths and Flexatone-heavy rhythm section, Red pays tribute to the Golden State's major claims to fame, from the music of Snoop, Dre and Ice Cube to (of course) that killer Cali kush. An uncredited director's sun-kissed visuals round out the package. For this remix and much more, cop Redman's Muddy Waters 2: The Preload tape, slated to drop in advance of the full album's release later this year.