REKS - Dear Winter

  • Artist: REKS
  • Track: Dear Winter
  • Producer: Timeless
  • Album: More Grey Hairs

Though winter is the coldest time of the year, there are many ways to make the best of its chilly few months. Some use the holiday season to become closer to their families, while others can’t wait to go outside to start a snow fight. REKS, however, whiles away his winter hours musically addressing some of the most serious issues of the day. On Dear Winter he reminds listeners that, regardless of the hope that our country is currently suffused with, Bush is still in office and the war in Iraq continues to drag on, over a fittingly introspective beat by Timeline. With so much on his mind, it's no wonder that REKS has sprouted a few More Grey Hairs. Witty wordplay and relevant lyrics aside, the east coast native continues to ask pertinent questions that need to be addressed not only by the mainstream music industry, but by the people in charge of the nation.