REKS - Stereotypes

  • Artist: REKS
  • Track: Stereotypes
  • Producer: 1914 & Statik Selektah
  • Album: Grey Hairs

Racial and ethnic stereotypes have existed since the dawn of man; as long as people have shared opinions, the art of stereotyping has existed. Beyond racial and ethical lines, however, people are stereotyped based on a variety of characteristics, including their line of work and their education (or lack thereof). It is because of these generalized labels that rap music, for almost twenty years now, has been at the centerpiece of criticism and controversy. If one rapper says "f**k b*tches," that's what all rappers must do, right? Wrong; and Boston rapper REKS is out to prove that in his new song, Stereotypes. Blurring the extremes that often persuade the naïve to believe in standardized concepts, REKS openly and honestly tackles the topic. The track will be found on the forthcoming Grey Hairs.