Rhymefest ft. Mario - All Girls Cheat

  • Artist: Rhymefest
  • Track: All Girls Cheat
  • Feat. Mario
  • Producer: Cool N Dre
  • Album: Blue Collar

Chicago native and infamous ghostwriter for Kanye West, Rhymefest, has been to the drawing boards and back once again. After releasing four singles to radio circuits across the country, we are hand delivered the very single that might finally break the bank. Emphatically claiming a truth that most men -- and even women -- would agree with, All Girls Cheat. To back him up on his stance, fellow J Records artist Mario joins Fest, forming a collaboration that sounds like the two have been through the process together once before. The beat is provided by Cool N Dre who have resampled the same baseline heard in their 50 Cent/Game produced hit, Hate It or Love It. Let's just hope Rhymefest and Mario continue to get along, and if their lucky can accept an award on stage... together.