Rhymefest - Angry Black Man On An Elevator

  • Artist: Rhymefest
  • Track: Angry Black Man On An Elevator
  • Feat. Lil Jon
  • Producer: Lil' Jon
  • Album: El Che

Last July, Chicago rapper Rhymefest released his album Blue Collar to critical acclaim. The album was backed by Kanye West and even featured his production. Although the situation seemed right, the album didn’t sell and to date has not reached gold certification. On his second go around, El Che, Rhymefest reached out to Crunk Master Lil’ Jon for help behind the boards. The result is a dark and highly vengeful track Angry Black Man on an Elevator, no doubt a direct response to his Blue Collar experience. Hopefully on album number three we’ll hear Happy Black Man on an Escalator.