Rick Ross - Money Make Me Cum

  • Artist: Rick Ross
  • Track: Money Make Me Cum
  • Producer: Drumma Boy
  • Album: Trilla

My next sentence will undoubtedly have readers questioning my judgment, but please bear with me. Rappers have a very hard time finding real women. Okay, I know, you’re beginning to doubt me, but don’t. Similar to professional athletes and movie stars, rap artists live a life of self-indulgent glitz and glamor. Thus, poppin’ champagne like seltzer water and dropping fifty thousand on a piece of meaningless, iced out jewelry attracts a certain type of women: the money-hungry trick. Fortunately, Rick Ross knows all about these women, because on the club-ready Money Make Me Cum, he details their desire for riches and the way to work around it. Trilla, Ross’ highly-anticipated sophomore album, is due out on March 11th.