Rittz ft. Twista - Bounce


Update: The Anthony Devera-directed visuals for Rittz' Bounce single has been added.

When you see either Rittz or Twista show up on the Booth front page, you can be relatively confident you're about to hear a lot of syllables delivered extremely quickly. When they show up on a single jam together, well, let's just say it'll have Rap Genius transcribers busy for a hot minute. With that said, Bounce is notable less for the lyrical pyrotechnics on display than for the passion evident in the collaborators' bars, along with its immersive atmosphere. Lifted mans the boards, crafting a gentle, yet whip-ready backdrop to accompany the duo's reflections on life, love and the musical hustle. Fans will be able to find this cut, previous single White Rapper and much more on Rittz's Next to Nothing LP, dropping September 9, via Strange Music.