Rocboi - Cutting Away

  • Artist: Rocboi
  • Track: Cutting Away
  • Producer: IKON [for Juggernaut Productions]
  • Album: Chief Rocka

This might seem totally gross to those who don't share my compulsion, but I'll admit it: whenever I'm served, say, roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn, my first instinct is to combine them into one delicious pile a la KFC's Famous Bowls—they're meant to be enjoyed together, so why not enjoy them mixed together? Though it's up for debate whether hip-hop, R&B, and metal are quite so compatible with one another (and previous attempts at mixing the three may have left a bad taste in listeners' mouths) Atlanta-based up-and-comer Rocboi, believes that the combo can be done and done well. Judging by the Booth newcomer's latest single, Cutting Away, he seems to be onto something—angsty, alt-rock-style lyrics crooned soulfully over synth arpeggios and clicking percussion (courtesy of Juggernaut Productions beatsmith IKON) may be strange in concept, but the finished product proves much greater than the sum of its parts. If this single leaves you hungry for more of Rocboi's "HOOD.METAL.R&B" jams, you can find what you're craving on his Chief Rocka LP, released in May and available now.