Roccett - Give You Some Game

  • Artist: Roccett
  • Track: Give You Some Game
  • Producer: Tha Bizness
  • Album: Another Day Another Dollar Mixtape

While waiting for Def Jam to kick off promotions for his debut album, CTE West representative Roccett continues to do exactly what he's been doing from day one – release mixtapes. The newest addition to the collection, Another Day Another Dollar, will most likely be released in February. A record set for inclusion on the forthcoming street album finds the Carson native ready to Give You Some Game, offering listeners some crucial pointers on street life: get your grind on, watch your back for haters, don't let the gold-diggers and STD-carriers get with you (Ms. Right will come eventually), and keep your money secure. As Rocc preaches to the streets, Tha Bizness (most notable for his boss's Best of the Booth-nominated My President Is Black) drives the message home with an organ-driven beat. So Roccett has spoken; let's hope the audience listens.