Ron Browz - Jumping Out The Window

  • Artist: Ron Browz
  • Track: Jumping Out The Window
  • Producer: Ron Browz
  • Album: Etherboy HD

As Pop Champagne begins to impact at radio stations across the country, in addition to already having taken over the entire Northeast club scene, artist/producer Ron Browz slowly has become a relatively well-known unknown name in the business. People know that they’ve heard of him before, but most have a hard time putting their finger on his work. Let’s put an end to that, shall we? Browz is responsible for Nas’s famous Jay-Z diss record, Ether. Now that the necessary knowledge has been dropped, Browz would like for us to focus on his new record, Jumping Out The Window. Produced by and featuring himself, the recent Universal signee employs a tribal auto-tune effect over a scattering of eclectic drum patterns and industrial noises. It’s unique. With three song placements on Jim Jones's new album and a production credit on Busta’s new single, Arab Money, Browz won’t be jumping out of any windows anytime soon.