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Roscoe Umali ft. Bobby V & E-40 - Live It Up


When you sign-up for an account at, they ask for a “headline” that will appear at the top of your profile. For example, Los Angeles rapper, Roscoe Umali, created the following headline: “I can serve your favorite rapper… trust me.” While he could be referring to a dance competition, or quite possibly the type of serving that takes place between a waiter and his/her customer, it’s pretty obvious that Roscoe seems to think highly of his emceeing skills. To help sway the listening public into feeling the same way, Mr. Umali has cooked up a remix to his underground single, Live It Up, which now features the singing of Bobby V and the rapping of West Coast legend, E-40. My favorite rapper is Tupac Shakur, so I don’t see Roscoe serving him anytime soon. However, with a bravado that matches his energy on the mic, Roscoe might be livin’ it up sooner rather than later.