Russ - Climb on Top

  • Artist: Russ
  • Track: Climb on Top
  • Producer: Russ
  • Album: Color Blind

Russ's last project, Vacation, was more appropriately titled than we could have realized at the time. Since its November release, the independent artist and producer has been far away from our pages—presumably chilling in a hammock on some island paradise, umbrella drink in hand. Today, he returns from his travels with Climb on Top, a new single off his latest full-length. On this unconventional bedroom burner, clipped guitar arpeggios and downtempo percussion set the mood as Russ addresses an ex who was dynamite between the sheets, but dysfunctional just about everywhere else. Like what you're hearing? There's more where this came from on the artist's Color Blind LP, released today for free streaming and download via DIEMON's official site.