Ryan Leslie - Diamond Girl

  • Artist: Ryan Leslie
  • Track: Diamond Girl
  • Producer: Ryan Leslie
  • Album: Self-Titled

In 1973 Seals & Crofts released their smash pop single, Diamond Girl; 34 years later Ryan Leslie has released a single of the same name. What are the differences? Well, for starters, Ryan doesn’t dress like a hippy. And of course, only one version of Diamond Girl can be heard over the speakers at a club. Whether he is hard at work on Cassie’s sophomore album or lending his talents to a countless number of A-list artists who seek his production expertise, Leslie is always working. To find a ‘diamond girl’ you must have the funds; to keep a ‘diamond girl’ you must have the time. Though Ryan might be out of luck there, the upside to his predicament is well worth the struggle.