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RyattFienix - I Ain't Complaining

  • Artist: RyattFienix
  • Track: I Ain't Complaining
  • Producer: WLPWR, horns by Lance Fury
  • Album: Ryse of the Fienix

When someone starts a sentence, “I Ain't Complaining, but...”, you can be almost certain that what follows will, in fact, be a complaint. Such is the case on RyattFienix's latest single, but it's hard to begrudge the pop songstress a cathartic gripe session when it comes in the form of a cut this catchy, not to mention relatable. Over the quietly intense synth boardwork of WLPWR, fortified with horns by Lance Fury, the artist second-guesses her decision to let drunken “late-night textin'” lead to “make-up sex” with her ex even as she's making it, prophesying,”I know I'll hate myself in the morning” Feeling it? You'll be able to find I Ain't Complaining and much more on the artist's Ryse of the Fienix LP, which will be available for streaming and purchase in The DJBooth upon its release next Tuesday, November 18.