Sabrina - They Don't Know What I've Been Through

  • Artist: Sabrina
  • Track: They Don't Know What I've Been Through
  • Producer: Paul Katsnelson
  • Album: No Rose Petals & Bubblebaths

Back in May of '08 we featured the Nappy Roots' Election Day, a politically-charged record whose hook introduced our readers to rising soul starlet Sabrina. Now, we're proud to present the world premiere of the singer's official first single. Voice dripping with rue, Sabrina looks at the people around her and laments that They Don't Know What I've Been Through (I'm not sure either, but I'll bet you a quarter it has something to do with lost love). In addition to the artist's jazz-influenced vocals, what stands out most about this record is Paul Katsnelson's production – striking a balance between musicality and radio-ready polish, he turns out a striking, complex instrumental with a lot going on both texturally and in terms of arrangement. Debut LP No Rose Petals & Bubblebaths is currently scheduled for release in the third quarter of this year; if the rest of the album is as fresh-sounding as this cut, there's no question that there are big things ahead for Sabrina.



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