Sahtyre - Base

  • Artist: Sahtyre
  • Track: Base
  • Producer: Uncredited
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

Earlier in September, Sahtyre ended a six-month absence from the Booth by bringing us Prince Thunder, a reader-acclaimed promo cut inspired by one of The Purple One's classic jams. Mercifully, he hasn't made us wait quite so long for the follow-up; just two short weeks later he's back with another fresh single titled Base. This time around, the Los Angeles repper caters directly to the streets, delivering grimy, slow-flowed bars over a trunk-rattling instrumental by... well, we don't know. As was the case with his last loosie, Sahtyre's deliberately keeping the producer's identity under wraps. Why? Beats me. Guess you'll just have to keep it locked to the Booth in hopes that he'll eventually let us in on his little secret. In any case, we'll keep you supplied with all the latest song releases from the indie buzzmaker.