ScienZe ft. Asher Roth - Jukebox


There's a huge difference between rapper and wordplay wizard. A wizard of wordplay is spellbinding, his pen is a wand, and it's easy to fall under the enchantment that's cast with every verse. Of course Jay Electronica is hip-hop's Merlin, but ScienZe, a DJBooth regular, has proven himself time and time again to be no mere muggle. Just listen to his latest single Jukebox, a clever display of lyricism that levitates over EOM's explosive boom-bap banger. Always nice to see rhymes being power-bombed over production with some spunk, being a lyricist doesn't have to be synonymous with boring beats! Since birds of a feather mob together, it's only fitting that Asher Roth, the last flohican would be the shining feature. ScienZe liberates his latest project,Bring Back Ella EP on October 21, best believe our excitement couldn't be any higher.