Sean Price ft. Meyhem Lauren & Roc Marciano - How the Gods Chill (Remix)


The new remix of the infamously dirty Sean Price’s current digital single, How the Gods Chill, transforms the original rock-ish track into a classic, east coast lyrical showcase. Producer Nick Woj creates a gritty, sampled beat driven by a sinister piano loop as the right coasters spit poetic lines of intimidation and braggadocio. Price hops on the first verse (anyone hear Joell Ortiz in Price or vice versa?), scaring away all those who question the Brooklyn native with his heavy-handed, driving flow: “Real action, Phil Jackson, Zen Master / My right hook will f**k up your Lens Crafters.” After a scratched up chorus, Queens’s Meyhem Lauren lays down a run-on-sentence-style verse directed solely at the haters and their Ramen noodle-salty looks. Roc Marciano closes the track with some serious wordplay worthy of quoting: “Trees to burn, European V’s keys turn, sleeves with Dillingers squeeze at the villagers.” Not sure if Meyhem belonged on this one, but Price and Roc shined, no doubt. No album is connected to this project yet, but keep it locked for more from Sean Price and friends.