Sha Stimuli - Brenda’s Baby

  • Artist: Sha Stimuli
  • Track: Brenda’s Baby
  • Producer: Louis G
  • Album: The Calling

Sha Stimuli’s new single, Brenda's Baby, will most definitely strike your conscience. Influenced by 2Pac’s classic Brenda’s Got a Baby, the Louis G produced track frankly examines the current economical, social, and political turmoil in the U.S., aiming its focus at various elements including disease, illicit internet culture, mass consumption, and unemployment. Sha asserts that in the 20 years since 2pac’s famous release, and in the 15 years since 2Pac’s death, not much has changed. He expertly rhymes his frustrations, calling the masses “mental slaves,” and says he’s “watching the throne” of Brenda’s baby, but society has done little to escape a repeat of history. The track consistently conjures up 2Pac’s message and legacy, and makes the listener question what they’ve done to challenge the status quo. his release, from forthcoming The Calling (to be released in 2012), will surely open some eyes.