Shad & DJ T.Lo - Hang On

  • Artist: Shad
  • Track: Hang On
  • Producer: DJ T.Lo
  • Album: Boarding Pass EP

I've either broken or been sorely tempted to break nine of the Ten Commandments, but idolatry never really appealed to me... until today. After listening to the lead single off Shad and DJ T.Lo's forthcoming joint EP, I'm feeling a strange urge to do as the intro says and bow down in worship of their musical prowess. Whether or not you, too, are in a sacrilegious mood, you'll undoubtedly appreciate the thoughtful, energizing bars the T-Dot spitter delivers here, accompanied by his frequent collaborator and touring partner's soulful piano, brass and vocal samples. Like what you're hearing? You'll be able to find this refreshing cut and many more on Boarding Pass, scheduled to drop independently Monday, December 1.