Shane Eli - Us vs. Them (W.A.R.)

  • Artist: Shane Eli
  • Track: Us vs. Them (W.A.R.)
  • Producer: Erik Belz and Jon Parker
  • Album: TBD (Promo Single)

With the #Occupy movement continuing to gain steam and the global political mood seeming to grow more turbulent with each passing day, remaining neutral is no longer an option. On newly-released promo single Us vs. Them (W.A.R.), Booth fave Shane Eli throws in his lot with the 99%, delivering an aggressive yet poetic account of the battle against tyranny over his own hard-edged, rock-meets-opera (yes, opera) production. While this joint isn't attached to any larger effort, fans can look forward to two new projects from Shane Eli--The Flip and Enough Love--in the near future.