Shaquille O'Neal ft. Big Pun, Fat Joe & Easy Moe B - Shaq, Crack, Pun, Easy Mo Bee (Unreleased)

  • Artist: Shaq
  • Track: Shaq, Crack, Pun, Easy Mo Bee
  • Feat. Big Pun, Fat Joe
  • Producer: Domingo
  • Album: Unreleased

Shaquille O'Neal does it all. That's not an exaggeration, the former NBA Goliath is the poster child for Renaissance Men in the entertainment industry. We've seen him in movies, he's also a fairly humorous television personality, but Shaq also did some rapping back in the day. Not small time either, his '96 You Can't Stop The Reign album featured top-tier lyricists like Jay-Z, Biggie, and Mobb Deep. Those weren't the only wordsmiths that assisted Shaq, producer Domingo took to his Soundcloud to liberate the unreleased, Shaq, Crack, Pun, Easy Mo Bee. The song features Big Pun, Fat Joe, and Easy Mo Bee; shame on Shaq for keeping this gem hidden for over a decade! The grimy, boom-bap production and that sought after golden-age lyricism will send you back to the Boogie Down Bronxs. A true treat for Pun fans, and any lover of Golden Era rap music.