Shawn Chrystopher - Me

  • Artist: Shawn Chrystopher
  • Track: Me
  • Producer: Shawn Chrystopher
  • Album: No One Knows You EP

Inglewood, California native Shawn Chrystopher wants to make sure you are clear on something: it’s all about him. He stresses this very truth on his lead single, Me, from his debut EP, No One Knows You, which dropped earlier this year. Known for his unique style and separation from the West Coast gang culture, Chrystopher is in the midst of providing an entire region with a brand new outlook on the future of their hip-hop. Comparing himself to sports stars Kenny Lofton and Randy Moss, the creator of Red Summer Entertainment brags about his skills and flaunts the money he will earn, but does so in a fresh and lyrically-fascinating manner. In need of a further Shawn Chrystopher fix? The emcee recently released his new mixtape, I Wear Glasses, for free download on his website.