Sheek Louch - Good Love

  • Artist: Sheek Louch
  • Track: Good Love
  • Producer: Red-Spyda
  • Album: Silverback Gorilla

After going with a raw street-sound on his first three buzz cuts, Sheek Louch has decided to soften things up a bit for Silverback Gorilla's fourth early offering. Reflecting on all the females he's seen at his shows (with a few one-night stands along the way), D-Block's Wolf still feels empty inside and is hoping he'll someday find some Good Love. Thanks to Two Turntables and a Mic producer Red Spyda, Good Love has a creative and soulful oldies feel complete with an interpolated Good Love Baby classic sample . Sheek’s upcoming Koch Records release, Silverback Gorilla, will be available in March.