Sintex Era - Trickle Down (Occupy Your Job)

  • Artist: Sintex Era
  • Track: Trickle Down (Occupy Your Job)
  • Producer: 2 Hungry Bros
  • Album: Black Tea

Think the message of #OccupyWallStreet doesn't apply to you, just because you're lucky enough to be employed? Au contraire, mon frere--as Booth newcomer Sintex Era explains on new single Trickle Down (Occupy Your Job), those who sacrifice their time, energy and health working for the enrichment of the 1% are no less victims of the system than the jobless. Featuring the head-nodding production of 2 Hungry Bros this incisive jam is one of many original cuts set for inclusion on the Columbus/Long Island dual-repper's Black Tea LP, coming in March of 2012.



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