Sir Michael Rocks ft. Pouya & Robb Bank$ - Kill Switch


Usually, the phrase “Kill Switch” refers to a mechanism that shuts a device down as quickly and efficiently as possible, often to avoid fatalities. Sir Michael Rocks's kill switch seems to do just the opposite: press it and he's guaranteed to annihilate any beat in his path. Up for execution in this case is a bombastic, brass-sampled instrumental by Reno. The Cool Kids emcee certainly doesn't need any help putting a “Rest in Peace” shirt on the beat, but he generously invites two talented homies to partake in the carnage: Jersey-repping newcomer Pouya and Kdia (CT) rhymesayer Robb Bank$ contribute action-packed guest 16s. Roberto Mario's official visuals round out the package. For more, check out Rocks's Banco LP, available now in stores and online.