Skarr-Akbar ft. Donny Roc - Would You

  • Artist: Skarr-Akbar
  • Track: Would You ft. Danny Roc
  • Producer: Skarr-Akbar
  • Album: TBD

"If I were broke, would you still be with me?" Men seem to always ask that question, thinking their ladies are supposed to get excited that they don't have a job or are still living at home with their mamas. But that's the main question in Skarr-Akbar's self-produced single, Would You. Featuring Donny Roc, who sings in a style reminiscent of (you-name-the-artist) 90's R&B, Would You showcases the guy who is without a car and can only muster up the money for noodles and bologna. So the question is: would you stay with a scrub? That's worth some debate, but I'm sure most would agree that regardless of the answer, this song's a good listen.