Sketch ft. Akshan - Hi Hata

  • Artist: Sketch McGuiney
  • Track: Hi Hata ft. Akshan
  • Producer: Bring It Back Entertainment
  • Album: ill

In his home state of Virginia, underground MC Sketch has built up a reputation as a skilled battle rapper. Since modern-day participants are often unfairly labeled as one-dimensional, Sketch has been steadily on his grind promoting his new album, ill, working with underground veterans such as Trife Da God, Born Unique, and Illa Ghee (some say he outshines them). On his newest single, Hi Hata, Sketch spits over a lyrically-nimble beat, noting that while he has plenty of hometown haters, they still turn up their radio to hear his music. Hater or not, the inclusion of reggae artist Akshan and Bring It Back Entertainment's music box-bass instrumental make Hi Hata a smooth listen. ill (available now on local streets and online) is expected to hit stores nationwide in May.