Skillz - Sick (The Sequel)

  • Artist: Skillz
  • Track: Sick (The Sequel)
  • Producer: Kwame
  • Album: Million Dollar Backpack

Over the years, rappers have boasted about their style by describing it as “hot,” “fly” or one of many other adjectives. However, if you asked Virginia veteran Skillz about the one word that best describes his style, he would undoubtedly utter “sick.” Giving a hip-hop history lesson, Skillz describes Sick as Dr. Dre meeting Eazy E., Beyonce appearing on Star Search, or Lil’ Wayne using the expression “wobbity wobbity” during his early years. It’s easy to tell an old-school street banger when the beat underscores the lyrics (not the other way around), and in this case a jazz saxophone provides the appropriate backdrop. Skillz will release his new album, Million Dollar Backpack, on Koch Records later this spring.