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$kinny - Makaveli

  • Artist: $kinny
  • Track: Makaveli
  • Producer: $kinny
  • Album: Flights to the Moon EP

Who is $kinny, you might ask? Well, he is a rapper/producer, born in Saudi Arabia and currently residing in LA, though his Facebook page paints him as "Hip Hop's Jackie Robinson," currently located in "The Ghettos of Disneyland" and influenced by "Spaceships and Cartoons." His most recent single, Makaveli is a blunted, slow-burning jam that features more singing than rapping - albeit sounding very smooth - and not only does $kinny produced the record but self-directs the engrossing set of visuals as well, Michael Jackson references and dance moves abound. The single is available now on iTunes, and the EP, Flights to the Moon, is coming soon.