Skizzy Mars - Be Lazy

  • Artist: Skizzy Mars
  • Track: Be Lazy
  • Producer: Michael Keenan & Charlie Puth
  • Album: The Red Balloon Project

With the release of his next independent full-length right around the corner, Skizzy Mars is working overtime to ensure that the project is a success. What's he gonna to to reward himself once it's dropped? The surprising answer is: absolutely nothing. Of course, he's gonna be doing it with his girl by his side. On his latest single, a tuneful Michael Keenan/Charlie Puth beat backs the Manhattanite as he invites the woman in question to, “come through the crib and Be Lazy with [him].” Fans will be able to find this record, the Booth-approved Do You There and much more on The Red Balloon Project, slated to hit online retailers February 3.