Skizzy Mars - Way I Live

  • Artist: Skizzy Mars
  • Track: Way I Live
  • Producer: Michael Keenan, guitar by James Ryan

Skizzy Mars doesn't lead the most conventional life; he quit school in order to pursue his musical ambitions, and he spends more time smoking trees, sipping liquor and chasing women than his parents would likely approve of. But he ain't about to switch it up for anyone. On a new promo single, he dismisses those who'd criticize his habits, nonchalantly spitting: “This is Way I Live... I'ma do what I feel.Come Over producer Michael Keenan provides the Manhattan rhymesayer with one of his catchiest instrumentals to date, enlisting guitarist James Ryan to add a little live-band flavor to his bouncy synth arrangement. Craving more? This joint is only a loosie, but you can always take a(nother) listen to Skizzy's last feature, a remix of Lais's For You.