Skye Townsend ft. Micky Munday - Pineapple Diet


I've heard it said that a Pineapple-heavy Diet makes oral sex more palatable for the individual on the giving end. I'm not sure if that's what Booth newcomer Skye Townsend had in mind when titling her latest single, but it would certainly fit in with the activities described on this steamy bedroom burner. Over Drupiano's ringing keyboard chords, the unsigned soul songstress describes the intimacy she recently enjoyed with a special man. On the back, after a suave guest contribution from Micky Munday, Townsend addresses her now-absent lover in a spoken-word section that sizzles with passionate longing. The official visuals, created by an unknown director, reflect the record's classy, sensual vibe. Pineapple Diet isn't currently attached to a forthcoming project, but Booth readers will be the first to know if and when that changes.