Slum Village - E(I)GO

  • Artist: Slum Village
  • Track: E(I)GO
  • Producer: Young RJ
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

If there’s one thing rap has taught me, it’s that there’s nothing wrong with being a little full of yourself, so long as your conceit is backed up with copious amounts of hustle. For an example of how self-regard can work in your favor, hit play on Slum Village’s latest single, E(I)GO, on which the veteran Motown crew justify their giant egos by emphasizing how hard they go on the daily. Young RJ provides a slow and steady, sample-laced backdrop for the determination-drenched rhymes of his crewmates, T3 and Illa J. This record isn’t part of anything larger, but we’ll keep you posted on Slum Village’s plans as we learn more.