Snake Hollywood - Artisan

  • Artist: Snake Hollywood
  • Track: Artisan
  • Producer: Rod Da Blizz (for ​The Labor Department)
  • Album: My Condolences: Addendum

In a game packed with rappers who seem to churn out tunes like so many assembly lines, Brooklyn buzzmaker Snake Hollywood is an old-fashioned Artisan. His records may take a little longer to perfect than your typical mass-produced jam, but the quality is on another level. On his latest single, an exclusive world premiere, the unsigned spitter laces a tense, sampled Rod Da Blizz beat with intricate bars emphasizing his dedication to the craft of emceeing. Snake's next album, My Condolences: Addendum, has yet to receive a drop date, but fans will soon be able to purchase this cut as a single on iTunes.