Snoop Dogg - F*ck Yeaaah

  • Artist: Snoop Dogg
  • Track: F*ck Yeaaah
  • Producer: LT Hutton
  • Album: Malice in Wonderland

At this point in his career, Snoop Dogg is no longer concerned about money, power, or respect—he's already earned plenty of all three, and thus he's largely free to make the music he feels like making. Having recently left Geffen to become the flagship artist of MTV Records, Snoop's returning to a darker, more ominous sound with his forthcoming Malice in Wonderland LP. The first official leak is, as the rap vet would say, “a lil' somethin' for the streets.” F*ck Yeaaah can be described as Snoop's most hardcore record since Vato. Flowing over a minor-key organ beat by LT Hutton the West Coast icon once again tackles his Crip past, and even indulges his “pimp” persona with some sampled moans on the hook.  For more hot jams from Snoop's dark side, pick up Malice in Wonderland when it hits stores this November.