Soulja Boy ft. Arab - Yahhh

  • Artist: Soulja Boy
  • Track: Yahhh ft. Arab
  • Producer: Soulja Boy
  • Album:

Back when Soulja Boy was Unsigned and Still Major he knew plenty of gold diggers, attention-seekers and haters would come his way (needless to say, I was one of those haters). Fortunately, the "Teen of the South" had a strategy; drown out the smack talk by yelling Yahhh Trick Yahhh! Now a household name, Soulja Boy has reworked his Yahhh strategy and chosen it as the next single from his debut, Providing backup is SB's longtime partner in crime, Arab, and his Fruity Loops production. Soulja Boy is 2-for-2 thus far; there's no reason Yahhh shouldn't be number three. (Remember, anybody who posts negatively - he's talking to YOU.)