Soulja Boy ft. I15 - Soulja Girl

  • Artist: Soulja Boy
  • Track: Soulja Girl ft. i15
  • Feat. i15
  • Producer: DeAndre Way
  • Album: Souljaboytellem

Knowing how difficult it would be to top Crank That (Supaman), Soulja Boy Tell 'Em gives it his best shot with the new single, Soulja Girl. Attempting to kill two birds with one stone, SB describes his type of lady and silences the critics with what is arguably his most skilled track both lyrically and production-wise. i15's soulful hook further enhances the song's appeal to the ladies, helping to give Soulja Girl a legitimate shot at being Soulja Boy's second straight #1 Billboard single. Souljaboytellem will be released off Interscope Records this fall.