Soulja Boy ft. i15 - Soulja Girl (ColliPark Remix)

  • Artist: Soulja Boy
  • Track: Soulja Girl (ColliPark Remix) ft. i15
  • Feat. i15, Mr. ColliPark
  • Producer: Mr. ColliPark
  • Album:

When Soulja Boy dropped the surprising hit, Crank Dat Soulja Boy, it immediately became an international dance craze. Unfortunately, the song didn’t mix well in many clubs across the states (especially those without a wide-open dance floor). For SB’s second single, Soulja Girl, Interscope decided to add-on the newly formed group, i15, and woo radio programmers nationwide with catchy teen appeal. Despite the can't-fail additions, the original version still wasn’t being mixed at the club. In to solve that problem is the man who made Soulja Boy a star: Mr. ColliPark. The DJ turned label executive, who is also responsible for the success of Hurricane Chris, has remixed Soulja Girl and turned it into the quintessential dance floor record. Boys and girls, this version of the Soulja looks like he's here to stay.