Soulja Boy - Let Me Get Em (aka Shootout)

  • Artist: Soulja Boy
  • Track: Let Me Get Em (aka Shootout)
  • Producer: DeAndre Way
  • Album:

When you're having fun in the club there is nothing that can ruin the ambiance more than somebody firing gunshots, right? Fortunately, Soulja Boy knows how to take lemons and make lemonade with his newest single, Let Me Get 'Em (Shootout). Although Soulja Boy's production includes as many gunshot sounds as a entire 50 Cent album, Let Me Get 'Em has already been playin’ at the club and there's no reason to believe it won't continue. To avoid any potential controversy, Mr. ColliPark does a PSA-type intro: “Shooutout is a dance, and is not intended to incite any violent behavior. Yuah.” Regardless, it should be interesting if Shootout successfully makes it to radio.