SRH - Broke and Happy

  • Artist: SRH
  • Track: Broke and Happy
  • Producer: Arthur McArthur
  • Album: Broke and Happy EP

Update: The Michael Jacobs-directed visuals for SRH's Broke and Happy single has been added.

With the way rappers who have money gloat over it, and those who don't lust after it, you'd think that satisfaction and well-being had a price tag. SRH, however, is living proof that you can be both Broke and Happy. Which isn't to say that the Montreal repper isn't interested in padding out his bank account. Over heavyweight beatsmith and fellow Canadian Arthur McArthur's stuttering synths and syncopated percussion, the artist delivers passionate, fast-paced verses that leave no doubt about his dedication to the paper chase. If you're feeling this cut, keep it locked for more singles leading up to the November 19, release of his EP of the same name.