Stat Quo - The Sun

  • Artist: Stat Quo
  • Track: The Sun
  • Producer: Sperry Park Productions
  • Album: The South Got Somethin' To Say Mixtape

When we last heard from Stat Quo, he had just finished writing a two-part letter to the allegorically-named Summer about his history with Shady/Aftermath, recounting how his sweet-sounding deal quickly turned sour and explaining why he has requested a release from his recording contract. With no new word on the long-delayed Statlanta, the ATLien has decided to release a mixtape to feed the streets, entitled The South Got Somethin' To Say. On one of its inclusions, The Sun, Stat subtly makes his biggest announcement since signing his deal: release negotiations were successful, and he is officially a free agent. Assisting Stat with his revelation are Sparry Park Productions, whose production employs some classic sampling work. So, is The Sun setting or rising on Stat’s career?