Sterling Hayes - Pigeon Toe

  • Artist: Sterling Hayes
  • Track: Pigeon Toe
  • Producer: Spanish Diego
  • Album: BIGshorty

When it comes to surviving in the streets, Sterling Hayes has a distinct (and rather unusual) advantage. As he puts it on his latest single, “I move in silence, I got Pigeon Toe.” (Whether the congenital abnormality metatarsus adductus is responsible for his stealthiness or he's simply comparing his light step to that of the titular bird, I have no damn idea.) In contrast to his undetectable gait, the Chi-town spitter's flow is bold, brash and in-your face. Over Spanish Diego's eerie vocal samples and whip-ready percussion, Hayes delivers verses packed with rugged, almost breathless tough talk. The BIGshorty tape has yet to receive a drop date, but we'll keep you posted on the Save Money emcee's project as further details emerge.