Stic.Man ft. Crystal Johnson - Traffic Jam

  • Artist: Stic.Man (of Dead Prez)
  • Track: Traffic Jam ft. Crystal Johnson
  • Producer: Stic.Man, Jerry Felter
  • Album: Manhood

Both members of the politically conscious duo Dead Prez have recently branched out to do solo albums; M-1 released Confidential in March of '06 and Stic.Man released Manhood this past October. One of the stand-out tracks on Manhood is Traffic Jam, a metaphor for life's many problems. Although Stic doesn't appear on his own song until the 3.5 minute marker (and only for 20 seconds after that), his smooth jazz beat (assisted by Jerry Felter) and a Crystal Johnson-sung hook make Traffic Jam a perfect song to play when relaxation is needed most. Manhood is available in stores and online now.