STS ft. Ebony Joi - Hold on to Faith

  • Artist: STS
  • Track: Hold on to Faith
  • Producer: Steve McKie
  • Album: WhiteGold: 215′s in My Trunk

Last we heard from STS, on a mid-September single off his next project, the Philly repper was on his $5,000 Coat Sh*t. The song was dope but, as someone whose coat cost like 1/50th of that amount, I found it a little bit difficult to relate. Freshly-released follow-up Hold on to Faith, by contrast, deals with the kind of struggles we've all experienced. Here, a majestic Steve McKie beat accompanies STS as he emphasizes his determination to achieve his dreams, despite the many obstacles in his path. Ebony Joi lends her radiant vocals to the hook. WhiteGold: 215′s in My Trunk remains unscheduled, but we'll keep you posted on the project as further details emerge.