Sugar Tongue Slim ft. Ed Sheeran - Waiting on the GOLDRush

  • Artist: STS
  • Track: Waiting on the GOLDRush
  • Feat. Ed Sheeran
  • Producer: MPIII
  • Album: GOLDRush II

For his upcoming GOLDRush II project, Philly rapper Sugar Tongue Slim, also known by the less tongue-twisting nickname STS, adds a bit of a hip-hop twist to Ed Sheeran'sGold Rush on his brand new record, Waiting On The GOLDRush. Philadelphia production trio MPIII keep with the heavy, neo-folk production on Sheeran's Gold Rush, while the Freestyle Series alum combines his colorful lyricism with Sheeran's wispy vocals. As a bonus, STS' release of Waiting On The GOLDRush is paired with an accompanying music video, which features various clips of the rapper touring in different cities. STS' GOLDRush II will be released on July 31, through