Suns of Society - Do What You Love

  • Artist: Suns of Society
  • Track: Do What You Love
  • Producer: Suns of Society
  • Album: Suns of Society

"Do What You Love." Obvious as it may seem, it's damn good advice--at least, for those who can afford to take it. Four Virginia natives who are clearly doing what they love, B~Love, HUnter Stout, d.Clark and Danny King of Suns of Society reach out to those trapped in the rat race on their latest album leak (and Booth debut as a group). Here, the crew poignant, piano-led instrumental sets the stage for sung and rapped reflections on the importance of following one's dreams. Suns of Society's self-titled debut set has yet to receive a drop date, but those digging this cut can keep it locked for all the latest from the DMV buzzmakers.