Swayze Jones ft. Buck - Same Ole Me

  • Artist: Swayze Jones
  • Track: Same Ole Me
  • Producer: The Chemist
  • Album: The Swayze Nation

To those of you who clicked on this track expecting an innovative reworking of Ginuwine’s classic Same Ol’ G, I bring bad news. But since you’re here, you should definitely check out Swayze Jones’ conceptually similar Same Ole Me, off the second installment in her SwayzeNation mixtape series (coming in late summer). In it, Jones and guest rapper Buck insist that, despite recent successes, they remain “real” and unchanged; hence the opening dialogue aimed at rappers spoiled by luxuries: “N**gas is bent off ying ling and red wine and shit / How the f**k that happen?” Hopping on the first verse behind The Chemist’s soft piano chords and pitter-patter drums is the self-professed ‘lyrical addict” herself, showing off an intricate rhyming style and a humble demeanor, followed by fellow North Carolinian Buck, who contributes a very respectable second verse with a memorable line about “doing you” versus “doing the industry.” It’s no secret that the Tar Heel state is bubbling with promising newcomers, but I’ll leave it to the Booth to decide where Swayze stands. Keep it locked.