Swizz Beatz - I'm Supposed To Ball (Freestyle)

  • Artist: Swizz Beatz
  • Track: I'm Supposed to Ball (Freestyle)
  • Producer: M.I.A and Switch
  • Album: Unreleased

Ever so often, an artist comes along who doesn't quite fit into any one musical category, but ends up taking the hip-hop world by storm. Please allow us to reintroduce M.I.A., whose international hit single Paper Planes has received heavy airplay in various urban formats and inspired Kanye West to sample one of its lines on Swagga Like Us. Similarly, its follow-up, Boyz, has been remixed with a new verse from Jay-Z and has also inspired superproducer/rapper Swizz Beatz to concoct I'm Supposed To Ball. Unlike many artists who hop on the hottest beats, Swizzy sounds right at home over the original production by M.I.A. And Switch. Only question is, has the recession affected his portfolio?